Colour: Black

Height: 16.2 hands

Born: 2000


This sire is not owned by John Barlow Horses, but is one of the sires of choice for our young horses.

Santana hfd passed his performance test with the Oldenburg stud book scoring three nines. He has also successfully competed scoring 8.8 in the 4yo dressage horse classes at Handorf 2004 Germany. Santana hfd possesses the best of German dressage breeding in one stallion. On the father line is the 1999 world champion of dressage horses Sandro Hit (also the sire of the 2003 world champion Poetin ll who sold for the record amount of 2.5 million Euros).

On the mother line Rohdiamant son of the world renown Rubinstien supported by the powerful stallion Weltmeyer. Santana hfd himself in his tall black frame has an imposing presence, an elegant stallion with a remarkable fine intelligent mind. Santana hfd combines powerful expressive movement with a breathtaking fine beauty rarely seen. Santana hfd represents the new generation of licensed stallions evolving from this Royal cocktail of sophisticated breeding.