Colour: Black Brown

Height: 16.25 hands

Born: 2005

This sire is not owned by John Barlow Horses, but is one of the sires of choice for our young horses.

2nd Reserve Champion Stallion This second Reserve Champion Stallion in the group of dressage stallions at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden looks like he comes from a fairy tale: A black coat trimmed with a bit of brown and an ideally formed body, a large riding horse physique harmoniously joined to form a perfect picture from the side; a star to decorate his open face and four white socks that give the illusion that he’s suspended in air when he moves.

There’s also maximum elasticity in every phase of his movement and over the jump as well. He masters all of his tasks with a good mind, skill and ability. In short: a stallion that can do anything! His raiser, Heinrich Ramsbrock, said, “In all these years I have rarely seen a horse with the first class double talent he has. And that is exactly what makes his so special. There certainly aren’t many like him around.” His sire Competent has the reputation of being a stallion of many trades, finishing his stallion performance test in the top group in dressage as well as jumping.

As it turns out, his first off-spring mainly show an outstanding talent for dressage; but then there’s a concentration of the legendary Hanoverian “G” bloodline with Glückspilz, Graphit and Gotthard. There’s another optimal connection to Gotthard, a stallion of the century, through the dam’s sire Picard, a Hanoverian champion stallion, and his dam Gaby.

Competent Compliment Calypso II
Gescha Glückspilz
Paloma Picard Pik Koenig
Dalia Daimyo xx